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Inside look into Levi's Ironman Wisconsin Nutrition Plan ⚡

After a very tough day at Ironman Wisconsin, Levi had a great race. Ironman debut, sub 10hour, 2nd Overall(Age grouper), 1st in his age group and a Kona qualification slot for the 2023 Ironman World Championship. Big part of his success was his nutrition plan because we all know that the 4th disciple in an Ironman is the nutrition. We would love to share Levi's nutrition plan for the whole weekend and the weeks and months leading into this Ironman race!

Hey everyone!

I'm here to share some data and insights on my full nutrition plan from race day and the weeks leading into this full Ironman!

I will start with the weeks and months leading into this race! Every morning I started with a Greens&Reds mix, 2 Multivitamin Gummies and when I felt really sore or tired, I implemented a Whey Protein to help me recover. I was trying out lots of different combination of mixtures of Kota Nutrition Electolytes+Carbs, BCAA's and Byron Energy powders during and before my trainings. I feel lucky that I have a pretty good stomach that can pretty much take anything. I'm not going to go really deep into this but in the end after all the testing, this was my final mixture. I felt like this fuels me enough and I can still run off the bike without being too bloated and too empty. My body/stomach got used to it and I liked the flavor of it.

-3 scoop of Electolytes+Carbs

-1 scoop of BCAA

per bottle on the bike which is around 72grams (24g/scoop) of carbs per bottle plus a gel with 26grams of carbs which adds up to around 100grams of carbs per bottle so I was taking 1 bottle and 1 gel per hour on the bike.

I knew that nutrition is a really important part of an Ironman. A week before the race, the forecast looked like it will rain the whole day with mid to high 50 degrees which is not the best weather for a race. It's also dangerous because it's cold and you're not going to sweat that much and you are not going to feel it either so it's even more important to stay on top of your nutrition. I feel like I executed my nutrition plan how I planned it.

Here's a breakdown on my race day nutrition:

Race morning/Breakfast

-1 Greens&Reds mix

-2 Multivitamin Gummies

-1 bottle of BCAA / Electolytes+Carbs

-2 waffles / 1 banana / oatmeal

Pre Swim

-1 bottle of 2 scoop Byron Energy

-1 caffeine gel


-5 bottles of 3 scoop of Electolytes+Carbs and 1 scoop of BCAA

-6 no caffeine gels, 1 caffeine gel at the end of the bike

-grabbed a water bottle pretty much at every said station


-1 bottle of 2 scoop Byron Energy (I had this pre mixed in my T2 bag)

-3 caffeine gels, 4 no caffeine gels, took a gel every 30-40 minutes

-water at every aid station and some cola

-some pretzel and chips at mile 23 aid station (I was really hungry for some actual food)

I had some salt chews with me on the bike and the run but never had to use it. It wasn't hot and I never felt like cramping. I was scared that I will bonk in the end so probably I over fueled a little bit but at least I never bonked or faded! The only negative was that I had to pee all day, I wasn't sweating out all the fluid because of the cold rainy weather.

Pro tip: I set up my Garmin to alert me every 15 minutes to DRINK!!! It helped so much when I zoned out and could have forgotten to drink.

Next Day/Recovery

-1 bottle of Whey Protein

-1 bottle of 2 scoop BCAA, 1 scoop Byron Energy

Thanks for reading this. I hope you can get some useful information from this and get a good nutrition plan with Kota Nutrition products for your next race.

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