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Help Pattie & Kota Nutrition make a change and donate to an animal in need!

Hi there!

My name is Pattie and I am one of the owners of Kota Nutrition. We are a St. Louis based sports nutrition company that also helps inspire individuals to get out of their comfort zones.

For the year of 2023, every month we will be doing some sort of challenge and showcase them on our social media. In January, Levi (he's the other owner!), completed a 100x100m swim. For February, I, Pattie, will be completing 7K squats broken down into 1K squats everyday for 7 days in a row starting on February 27 - March 5.

For this challenge, I will be fundraising money for Open Door Animal Sanctuary to help the animals in need. This hits close to home for me because I have the biggest heart especially when it comes to animals and I always want to do everything I can to help them.

Follow Pattie's challenge throughout the week on Kota's Instagram/Facebook @kotanutrition

At the end of this challenge, any donation made here will be donated straight to the Open Door Animal Sanctuary so they can help stray dogs and cats stay off the streets and find them loving homes!

I chose this specific donation platform for my challenge because 100% of your donation goes straight to the animals in need, no fees taken out! Also, all of your donations will help Open Door Animal Sanctuary to keep stray dogs and cats off the streets, provide shelter and food.

Open Door Animal Sanctuary is one of the area’s largest no-kill animal shelters. They serve the community by taking in stray, homeless and otherwise unwanted cats and dogs. Each day, they provide shelter, food, medical care and most of all LOVE to 350 animals.

Here's the link to donate:

Thank you for considering/donating and keep an eye out for our future challenges!

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