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7,000 Squat Challenge!

This challenge this past week has been amazing! I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to do this challenge and raise money for Open Door Animal Sanctuary! Before I get into how every day went, I want to talk about the products I used before, during and after my squats daily. Before: I always started my squats with drinking 1 scoop Byron Energy fruit punch and 1/2 scoop Pump. I drank it 30 minutes before starting my squats to make sure I have the energy and focus needed to get through 1,000 squats! During: During my squats, I mixed 1 scoop of BCAA Recovery citrus paradise and 1 scoop of Electrolytes + Carbs. This definitely helped me get through my squats daily and throughout the week making sure I was recovering well between days and replenishing my body of what it needs. After: After my squats, I drank 1 scoop of Whey Protein chocolate. This also played a huge role in my recovery throughout the week! Day 1-7 Day 1: It still didn't fully hit me that I'll be doing 7,000 squats but as I started, the squats felt great. I broke them into 50 squats. I completed 50 squats in 1:30 then rest for 1:30. I did that 20 times. Afterwards, my legs felt good, just a tiny amount of soreness in my legs since I've never done that many squats before.

Day 2: I woke up with the same tiny amount of soreness I was left with last night. Starting off, the squats felt good. Legs felt pretty strong. I decided to break the squats into 75's. 2:00 on 2:00 rest and on the last set I did 100. I did 12x75 then 1x100. It felt so much better breaking the squats this way.

Day 3: I woke up a little less sore than day 2 but more overall exhaustion since my body hasn't been through this much in a row. Squats went pretty easy! My legs held up pretty good during the squats! If there was any soreness it was always afterwards which was amazing because it didn't mess with my squatting.

Day 4: I honestly thought I would be super sore leading more into this challenge but there's only slight soreness, nothing crazy. Squats started going easier than day 1 which was surprising as well. Day 4 I broke my squats into 100x10. It went by so much better than breaking them into 50's or 75's.

Day 5: The squats went by easy, legs still felt strong. It has become more of a mental challenge rather than physical. Since I have a little background with squats, I feel that it definitely helped me with getting through this week physically. It definitely got harder mentally knowing that for an hour I'll be going up and down in the squat position 1,000 times but knowing that physically I am able to get through it fairly easy definitely helped me get through it.

Day 6: Throughout this challenge I only had minimal soreness which was definitely not what I was expecting. Day 6 went by pretty easy.

Day 7: I feel that the squats were the hardest Day 7. Legs were feeling tired but I completed them fairly easy. Starting Day 4 I broke my squats into 100x10 and kept that for the rest of the week and that was the best decision. Before starting the challenge, I was very nervous for this week but as I kept going, I realized that I am more capable of completing it than I thought. With these challenges, we want to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and do things that scare them. In the long run, you're going to look back at it and be thankful you did! It has been an honor fundraising for Open Door Sanctuary. I picked them for this fundraiser because they are a no kill shelter and I love what they stand for and what they do. If you guys would like to still donate to them after this challenge so they can help keep animals off the street and give them shelter, you can go to this link here: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience! Keep an eye out for future challenges!

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