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13 Questions with Kota x Keven Bordenave

1) So you are in the Army and also a triathlete . Tell us more about that!

Since being in the Army I’ve learned a lot about myself and two of the things I learned was that I was a fast runner and a good mountain biker. I swam in high school so I was doing that already. We do a lot of running in the Army and one day a lieutenant in my company volun-TOLD me for the Army 10miler qualifier I had never ran more than a couple of miles before than but I did the race and came in 3 rd ! At that point I figured I should keep doing since I seem to be good at it! While I was stationed in Germany, and Korea I really got into mountain biking. By the time I was station in Colorado they had a sprint triathlon on base so I figured I do all those things separately already so let's try a triathlon! I did it and loved it……and then never did one again!

2) What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?

My favorite thing about Saint Louis has been friends that I’ve made since I’m gonna be here for 3yrs I’ve got to be very intentional about connecting with a community and my church and triathlon community has made me feel very welcomed

3) What is your favorite activity to do in St. Louis?

My favorite activity to do in STL has been doing triathlons! Since doing that one triathlon in Colorado I wasn’t sure when I get to do another one. Who would have known STL had such a great Tri community.

4) How do you manage working full time, being a dad/husband and training for triathlons?

Ive always been a morning person so waking up at 0430 while everyone is still sleep gives me time to train and staying in shape is part of my job. Having a wife that supports me and a mother and loves spending time with her granddaughter helps too!

5) If you had to choose one between swimming, biking or running, which one would you choose and why?

If I had to pick one I’d pick mountain biking I don’t consider myself a road biker!

6) What is your next upcoming competition?

My next race is the STL tri and I’m very nervous and excited!

7) What is your current goal in fitness/personal life?

I can’t think of a specific fitness goal other than just continuing to get better.

8) If you have one, what is your favorite Kota Nutrition product?

My favorite Kota product is the electrolyte powder because it taste really good.

9) What is your one bucket list race you want to do?

One day I’d like to do an IronMan.

10) What are you most excited about this year?

This year I’m very excited about Nationals in Milwaukee because it is my first away race.

11) What is your favorite type of workout?

My favorite type of work out free weights at the gym.

12) What is the one supplement you think is the most beneficial for someone who's being active?

I noticed a difference when I started taking protein.

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