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13 Questions with Kota x Francisco Rubio

1) So you were born in Mexico but now live in St. Louis and you're a real estate agent and cyclist . Tell us more about that!

I was born in Michoacán, Mexico but raised in STL since i was 3 years of age. Spanish is my second language and if I could find a perfect combination between selling houses and riding bikes, i would be the happiest ever. I have a passion for both, helping people find a future home or maybe even their first home brings the same amount of happiness as when im coasting down a steep hill at 30+ miles per hour.

2) What is your favorite thing about St. Louis and what is your favorite Mexican restaurant?

Favorite thing about STL is that its somewhat of a big city, but yet has small town vibes since everyone knows each other, especially within specific communities. My favorite Mexican restaurant is my moms house, she cooks the best “mole”. It’s a very traditional poultry dish that is topped of with a mildly sweet yet spicy sauce, the homemade rice is also to die for. Makes my mouth water as i type this out.

3) What is your favorite activity to do in St. Louis? I enjoy going on hikes and finding a nice spot to relax in my hammock. Discovering new restaurants in town is also something I really enjoy.

4) How do you manage working full time, being a real estate agent and still riding a lot? I never like to stop moving, even when im tired I tend to keep moving. While it is not easy to balance all 3 passions (real estate, restaurant hospitality, and cycling), they are all very flexible within each other, some weeks I find myself doing one more than the other.

5) If you had to choose one between road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, which one would you choose and why?

This is very difficult, I think gravel riding would be it if I HAD to choose. I have ridden my gravel on pavement, gravel, and even single track. If I had to choose I would still have a little taste of it all with my gravel bike.

6) What is your next upcoming competition? Lindenwood road race, I will be doing my first road race EVER as a CAT 5, my main focus for this year is BT Epic just because I keep improving year after year. I have been working a little harder this year so im excited to see my results.

7) What is your current goal in fitness/personal life? My current goal is to just be healthy and happy, I would love to ultimately combine cycling and real estate as a whole. Just not as easy since they are two complete industries.

8) If you have one, what is your favorite Kota Nutrition product? Byron is my favorite Kota product, but I love the combination of the electrolytes, bcaa, and pre work out. I used to always cramp on longer rides, the electrolytes have helped with cramping. I had taken other forms of electrolytes and Kota has worked the best for me. Also like Byron Energy because it's named after the founders adorable Boston Terrier!

9) We saw you compete in a local mountain bike race and placed on the podium, how was that experience? One of the best experiences since I have been working hard this year and have had a strong start this year. I have never podiumed and I will continue to do better.

10) What are you most excited about this year? I can name so many things, many real estate opportunities that are coming later in the year, BT Epic of course, and having more adventures with the people that I usually ride with.

11) Do you have a favorite bike ride here in St. Louis? I enjoy anything that has hills. From city rides with local bike shops, to rural rides with lots of rollers and hills, I enjoy the flexibility that STL has to offer. If I had to choose, I really like going west and gaining some good elevation. I wish Jeffco was more biker friendly, the scenery along with routes are some of the best as well.

12) What is the one supplement you think is the most beneficial for someone who's being active? The electrolytes that Kota has to offer are the best since it also is mixed in with carbohydrates. For someone using up many calories, it is a great way to recover and refuel yourself. I would recommend this supplement. AND it's local!

13) What is one fun fact about you? I like to know a little of everything, I also enjoy nature very much. With that being said i am fascinated by bees and Monarch butterflies, especially since Monarch butterflies migrate to and from the state of Michoacán in Mexico. Were i was born!

If you want to reach out or connect with Francisco you can find him on instagram or email him at

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