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13 Questions with Kota x Felipe Braga

1) So you're a triathlete and runner. Tell us more about that! -My training journey started when my wife invited me to run a half marathon with her and I agreed to do that because I thought half marathons were 10km. When I realized that it was actually double of the distance she had already signed us in so there was no way back. The training process for that race made me realize that there is nothing we can’t do if we put effort into it. That was just the beginning of what I now call my “endurance career” hahaha. I now have 3 half marathons, a few trail races and a couple of sprint triathlon plus a few smaller events.

2) What is your favorite thing about running?

-My favorite thing about running is the feeling that for however long the workout is, it feels like all problems and worries go away. It's almost like everything stops, and for those few minutes or hours all you need to do is enjoy the run and keep going.

3) What is your favorite thing about triathlon?

-My favourite thing about triathlon is the training process, I love putting in the work and seeing the results later. Re-doing workouts and seeing how much easier they got or how much further I'm going is a great feeling.

4) What is your favorite activity to do outside of running and triathlons?

-Hike with my family or play soccer.

5) What is your favorite pair of running shoes?

-I got the Adidas Adios Pro 3 last year as my race day shoes and I won my age group in a 10km race on them, so these gotta be my favourite pair.

6) Do you have any upcoming races?

-2 Half Marathons in April as a prep for my 70.3 in May.

7) What is your current goal in fitness/personal life?

-Finish the Morro Bay 70.3 and have fun while doing it.

8) If you have one, what is your favorite Kota Nutrition product?

-Electrolytes + Carbs

9) We saw you are prepping for an Ironman, how is it going?

-I'm wrapping up the base phase right around 13hr of training per week.

10) What are you most excited about this year?

-I'm excited to spend a whole month in Brazil. Since I moved to America I haven't been able to go back home for that long but my new job is flexible enough that I will be able to work from there.

11) Which disciple in a triathlon is your most favorite?


12) What is the one supplement you think is the most beneficial for someone who's being active?

-Beta-Alanine and Electrolytes.

13) What is one fun fact about you?

-I really like cooking, especially Brazilian food.

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