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13 Questions with Kota Nutrition x Tiffany Prior

1) So you're a St. Louis based coach and athlete. Tell us more about that!

-Yeah! Personally - I enjoy the process of training. It’s gotten me through a lot, and I’m grateful for what my body allows me to do. I show up each day to get better, and feel better.

I grew up participating in multiple disciplines: competitive dance, gymnastics, national-champion level elite cheer, volleyball, track, and spent my summers swimming and riding my bike. Movement is a constant for me. I’ll occasionally challenge myself with a competition or other pursuit, but I like to keep a good balance, as a lifestyle.

Professionally, I taught yoga for about 10 years, and learned a lot from the group fitness environment. Moreso than just the experience of carrying people’s bodies through space, yoga as a mindfulness and psychological healing modality afforded me the deepest understanding of how to work with people.

As a trainer and nutrition coach, I’m passionate about elevating the conventional fitness space with a trauma informed, inclusive, and conscious approach. My hope is to not perpetuate any harm.

In my opinion, the behavioral component of fitness and nutrition is what needs the most care and attention.

2) What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?

-We have an incredible community here, as well as some of the best and most accessible environmental diversity. It’s an amazing place to raise kids, with loads of stuff to do for free.

I love that there’s an array of offerings in the city -whether it’s coffee, food, art, or events. Then, a short 30 minute drive has you in the middle of the woods for hiking and biking - with rivers for water sports and relaxing.

3) What is your favorite activity to do in St. Louis?

-Sit in a coffee shop? Ha! I kid.

Trail running. I lift and work out here, but I can do that anywhere. The trails that people work hard to build by hand, are a gift to our community. (Thanks Gorc and cycling fam!)

4) How do you manage being a mom and an athlete?

-Oof… my best. Honestly, I’m lucky. Like, what a gift and a privilege that I have these two beautiful babies that I get to be with during the day, who also get to watch and support their mommy taking care of herself?!

I wake up, we homeschool in the morning, I work with my clients, we wrap up our day and I head out to train. Then, we do other activities/responsibilities after. Is it a lot to juggle some days? Yes! But, it’s also SO important to me, and they understand that.

5) What is your favorite workout?

-I love a good lift session; Olympic lifting, or deadlifting. Maybe a full body BB sesh, with long cardio training afterward, like a run, bike, or swim.

I also like what would be considered “grunt work,” for long periods of time.

ex: pushing/pulling heavy sleds, awkward object stuff, weighted cardio. The random things that sound terrible, but are very primitive and evolutionarily (functionally) essential for survival.

6) What is your next upcoming competition?

-I chose to take an off/improvement season, so nothing lifting/CrossFit related.

Though, for August, I am swimming 15 miles for the Wounded Warrior Project to raise awareness for veterans’ physical and mental health needs.

7) What is your current goal in fitness/personal life?

-I have some numeric goals for big lifts, and personally, to be the most balanced and emotionally healthy I can be for myself and family.

8) If you have one, what is your favorite Kota Nutrition product?

-The Greens and Reds + Immune! I have them every morning in my smoothie, with creatine, banana, spinach, and protein.

9) We saw you compete in the Crossfit Open, how was that experience?

-It was great. I overshot some goals, and gained a gauge of where I can improve. I’m happy that I reached quarterfinals, and I’m looking forward to next year.

10) What are you most excited about this year?

-Finishing my personal gym build. I’ve worked hard on my business the last 2 years, and seeing the work go toward something so meaningful is rewarding.

11) Do you have a favorite gym to exercise in?

-If I’m not in my personal gym, I train at CrossFit Wildwood.

12) What is the one supplement you think is the most beneficial for someone who's being active?

-Creatine, hands down. Whether active or not. It benefits brain function, neurological health, muscle development, women’s health, etc.

The payoff is endless.

13) What is one fun fact about you?

-How about two? Haha

I love the arts and learning. Everything I do is with that in mind - outfits, music, environment, food, coffee, travel, movement - just living is expression and an invitation to be a student. It’s beautiful.

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