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13 Questions with Kota Nutrition x Owners Pattie & Levi

1. So, you guys are a St. Louis based nutrition company. Tell us a little more about that.

-Yes! St. Louis has been our home for the past few years. There is such a big sporting community here that it made sense to base Kota in St. Louis.

2. What is your favorite part about being in St. Louis?

- Our favorite part about being in St. Louis is definitely the huge active community and how nice and supportive everyone is.

3. Tell us more about Kota. What is it short for, when did you guys create it?

-Kota is short for Keep on the Adventures. We created Kota in 2019, right when the pandemic hit unfortunately so we officially started selling products in 2020!

4. What is your long-term goal with Kota?

-Our long-term goal with Kota is to inspire others to Defy the Odds. We are building up an active community and teaching others that you can achieve your goals, you just have to put in the work all while providing quality supplements and being honest about what we put into our products.

5. Why the name Byron Energy for your first product?

-We picked the name Byron Energy because we have a Boston Terrier dog named Byron and he has such an insane amount of energy, we like to think that a piece of his crazy energy is in every bottle so when you drink a serving of Byron Energy, you will get energized like him!

6. What is the importance of building an active community and inspiring others?

-We have been in the active community for a while now and to be honest, there has been times where it felt like the support was lacking so it is our mission to build up a community where we support everyone and what they do no matter the goal!

7. What’s your favorite Kota product?

-Levi: BCAA Watermelon Pattie: Byron Energy Lemonade

8. What new products are you guys coming out in 2022?

-We are coming out with 2 flavors of protein (chocolate & cookies and creme) and a new formula for Byron Energy also with 2 flavors (lemonade & fruit punch). Further into 2022, we want to launch merch and hopefully multivitamin gummies.

9. What are you guys most excited about this year?

-We are super excited to launch more products and grow our brand to a bigger scale and to spread the word of Kota!

10. What is your motto and what do you guys stand for?

-Our motto is Defy the Odds. We stand for going against modern day standards. We believe everyone has a purpose and nobody should be held back from achieving it even when it seems like the odds are against them which is where Defy the Odds comes into play.

11. What do you guys do next to Kota?

-Levi: upcoming professional triathlete Pattie: personal trainer/online coach

12. What are your guys’ greatest achievement with Kota so far?

-One of our greatest achievements so far is being able to sponsor local clubs and teams to help them take their training and racing to the next level!

13. Favorite thing about being owners of a nutrition company?

-Being able to give you guys quality products and not hide what we put in. We love knowing that we're producing safe and healthy supplements.

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