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13 Questions with Kota Nutrition x Axun

1. So, you guys are a St. Louis based cycling team. Tell us a little more about that.

-We're a group of athletes from all different disciplines that met organically through friends of friends, and over time have joined forces to race bikes together. We collectively care about our bond and the growth of the team, and hope to help diversify and grow the sport.

2. What is your favorite part about being in St. Louis?

-St. Louis offers a storied history and a competitive landscape for cycling across so many disciplines: road, track, gravel, BMX, and mountain biking. Not to mention the food, musical history, entertainment, and culturally rich communities across metro St. Louis

3. Tell us more about Axun. What is Axun, when did you guys create it?

AXUN Apparel was created in early 2018 with the goal of creating premium casual wear focused at "action" sport athletes.

4. What is your long-term goal with Axun?

-AXUN is an ever-evolving entity. We started in apparel, transitioned the brand into cycling, added some product design, and look forward to what the future holds for AXUN Apparel, AXUN Cycling, and the unknown. Maybe even a Domestic Elite status in a handful of years.

5. Why the name Axun?

-AXUN = Action. We're children of the skate scene, board sports, and action sports. Over time the meaning has shifted to more of a mindset and movement of taking action for the things that fuel your passions. Hence our mantra, TAKE AXUN

6. What is the importance of teaming up with local brands for you guys? If you guys have a favorite Kota product, which one is it?

-We want to help build local communities and give back to St. Louis in every way we can. A rising tide lifts all ships. Our favorite Kota product is Byron Energy. It provides a clean and long-lasting energy boost with no crash, we always mix some up before training rides and races.

7. What’s your favorite bike ride here in St. Louis? What is your favorite local race?

-Road Crew Monday Madness, KECC, Franks Loop, Knucklehead, Billy Goat Thursday Throwdown, and our Sunday public ride isn't too bad either. See you out there! Favorite local race is undoubtedly Gateway Cup. It brings out the best of best across the whole country and is 4 days of partying and crit racing.

8. How’s the 2022 race schedule look like?

-Friday Night Fever Crit - 5/27

Snake Alley Criterium - 5/28

Tulsa Tough - 6/10-6/12

Intelligentsia Cup - 7/29-7/31

Missouri State TT - 8/06

Missouri State Criterium - 8/07

Tour of Central Iowa - 8/12

Edwardsville Rotary Criterium - 8/20

Gateway Cup - 9/02-9/05

9. What are you guys most excited about this year? -We're excited to bring back our same team and brothers from last season, with two new full-schedule racers making our team 10-strong. We'll be contesting podiums in 3 different road categories, in gravel races, at the velodrome, and in cyclocross.

10. What’s your favorite St. Louis “thing”?

-Red Hots Riplets.

11. What is the idea of making a cycling team for a clothing brand?

-AXUN Apparel is the title sponsor of AXUN Cycling, and hopes to elevate the style and design of the scene, and of cyclists on and off the bike. #steeltaint

12. How many riders do you guys have? -We had 2 road racers before the pandemic, and we'll have 10 multi-disciplinary full-time riders this year.

13. What’s the best results you guys have so far?

-We have a state champion crit racer (Jacob Linn) who also races for a Canyon e-racing devo team. Stephan Meyer took multiple wins in his first season in 2021, we took two podium spots at Edwardsville last year, we took a 2nd place at Tulsa Tough. We have a full Ironman finisher, a pro youth mountain bike racer (Deron Lawrence), and many more great performances.

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