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Kota Nutrition

Our mission

We're not just a nutrition company or a name. We're a movement created to defy the odds and turn those everyday struggles that life throws your way into advantages that keeps you moving forward. We are actively building up a community of athletes who work towards the same goal with hard work, discipline and consistency.

Kota has a very meaningful message which we are trying to spread. Our company motto is Defy the Odds which means, no matter the difficulties life can throw your way, you can defy them by staying dedicated, putting in the hard work and not giving up. With this powerful message we are trying to spread, we are also creating quality supplements to help you achieve your goals.

We're working hard to create a company that not only creates quality supplements but also cares. We care about creating a relationship with our customers so they know that they can trust us. 

Our motto

DEFY THE ODDS is not just our company motto but also our personal motto. It drives us everyday and with everything we do. 

What does it mean to defy the odds? It means that no matter what life throws at you, you keep going and you keep showing up. All the odds that come against you, you defy them. You stay consistent, you put in the work, you stay disciplined and you overcome the odds. We want to prove that it is possible to go after what you want no matter the odds. 

It is our mission to spread the word and inspire. Join the movement and use #defytheodds to show us how you DEFY THE ODDS.

Levi & Pattie

In 2019 Levi & Pattie created Kota Nutrition in St. Louis, Missouri. Their first product Byron Energy was named after their dog Byron. He has such an insane amount of energy that the whole concept was that a piece of Byron's crazy energy is in every bottle so when you drink a serving of Byron Energy, you'll get energized like him. It all started as a passion that quickly turned into a mission to inspire others and to create quality supplements. Since then, Kota has become more than just a nutrition company. It has turned into sponsoring local cycling teams and athletes, distributing our products into local stores and creating an ambassador program of loyal athletes that share the same passion as us.

This is just the beginning for Kota. We are so excited to grow and we hope you join our journey.

defy the odds

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